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I have found it hard over the years to find a good SEO company I could trust. I have now after a long search, meeting lots of companies that promise the earth but cannot provide the results I needed. Sand Island Consulting is just that company. Got me ranked on the first page of Google, made my website mobile friendly and as you would expect their business is booming. Handled all my social media and search engine optimization needs professionally and grew my business. Very happy with what they provided and glad I found them.





I found using the company very easy, and unlike so SEO companies easy to contact and the staff are polite and very knowledgeable. Very rare in today's market. A joy to work with. The price was competitive, well within our budget and they made my website mobile friendly which was paramount for my business to gain customers. I certainly would recommend them to my friends, family and business associates. They quickly accessed what I needed and then service was efficient and simple, with very little disruptions to my business. This was very important to me as a new business. I wanted to attract new customers but not lose custom as I did so.

I was thorough when researching the search engine optimization company I used. I needed a company that had a proven track record of results. It was an important Sand Island Consulting were honest, offered a comprehensive service that gave me everything I needed and all at a competitive price. As a small business, money is tight, so even though I wanted to ranked on the first page of Google, I couldn’t afford to pay too much to do so. Very happy with the results I got. The guys are very easy to talk to, they consult rather than preach and worked with me. Try for yourself, you won't regret it.



Amazing experience with Sand Island Consulting. There business is booming as you would expect and now after I used their services, my business is booming too. Website traffic has increased ten-fold and our customers really like the new mobile website. I have even had customers ask what SEO company we use. Happily passing on Sand Island Consulting contact details. A Pleasure to recommend theses guys as they are so friendly. Their work on my social media presence has been awesome too. Important in my line of work and a way I use to raise the profile of my company.

Sand Island Consulting has made a massive difference to my website traffic. Incredible service, fast and efficient and has improved my keyword ranking on search engines. Not only that, I’m now ranked on the first page of Google, Amazing! At one point, I hardly had any website traffic, now with the exposure I received from Sand Island Consulting I’m inundated with inquires, my diary is full and business is booming. All this because I chose to hire Sand Island Consulting for my SEO requirements. A great decision if I say so myself.



Have had excellent results from Sand Island Consulting. Their expertise on search engine optimization is clearly evident. I went from not being found on search engines to ranked on the first page of Google. My exposure has directly affected my practice. My receptionist is busier and I now have a waiting list. Unheard of a few months ago. Customers are queuing up to be treated by me. Sand Island Consulting really understood my, business. They expertly knew what I needed to do to improve my business. The one true way to work out whether my decision to hire them or not was good? My bank balance has tripled. Excellent work.

Sand Island Consulting has a very professional team that designed my website and introduced me to the world of social media. Something I have not used before but now had amazing results. I had all the support I needed, they were patient and explained everything so I could easily understand it, even if it all sounded alien to start with. A pleasure to work with and they didn't condescend, took it at my own pace, and I learnt a thing or two as well. A great bunch of guys and would highly recommend, even if you are completely ignorant of the whole search engine optimization idea like I was.



Delighted with our new site and especially delighted with the fast and professional service we had from Sand Island Consulting. Customers are commenting on how professional our new social media site looks. Even though Sand Island Consulting had created 100’s for their customers, ours was built as if it was their own. The personal touch was evident, great guys to work with and the after service and support exceptional. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sand Island Consulting as the only web design and SEO company you should use. Happy to provide a glowing testimonial, they deserve it.

Looked long and hard for an internet marketing and web design company. Experience has shown a good and reliable SEO company are hard to come by. They promise a lot but don’t always deliver. The search ended when I found Sand Island Consulting. The staff are friendly and polite, the service excellent and they are a joy to work for. My standards are high and they have matched them at every turn. Very happy with the social media service they offered. They have set up over 100 social media sites and mine is some of the best work they have done. Highly recommend.


Highly responsive and professional set up. They constantly kept me in the loop with progress reports and new ideas on how to improve my website to increase custom and make me more money. Very important in any line of work. The money I spent to market my business was money well spent. The return on that money was almost immediate. They were willing to go the extra mile and my success was their success. Charming guys and glad I used them for all my SEO and social media needs. My mobile friendly site is impressive too.